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The City of Houston Urges Residents to Sign Up for
Emergency Notifications

The City of Houston, in partnership with the Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network, is now offering emergency notifications to mobile phones through the Emergency Notification System (ENS). These emergency alerts will help residents get more information about emergencies in their neighborhoods, such as hazardous chemical spills, floods and large fires.

Staying informed is an important way of keeping yourself and your family safe when emergencies occur. Landline home or work telephones are already a part of the ENS system, and now residents can register their cell or internet phone numbers so they can be alerted about an emergency in their community. It's simple and easy; sign-up at the City of Houston Office of Emergency Management website or and register up to four telephone numbers.

Houstonians can also register for AlertHouston, the City of Houston's Email Notification System, which sends emails to residents when emergencies afftecting a large portion of the city occur, such as severe weather and hurricanes.

Find out more about both AlertHouston and ENS by visiting

News from the Houston Police Department

"March on Crime" and Citizens Police Academy

"March on Crime"

"March on Crime" is a month to focus on proactively implementing crime prevention efforts, rather than have officers respond to criminal incidents after they have occurred. Such initiatives are routinely held throughout the year; however, the month of March is time to pay special attention to making Houston safer.

Since 1984, the Houston Police Department's (HPD) annual "March on Crime" program has educated the public about steps citizens can take to keep from becoming crime victims. This year, throughout the month of March, HPD officers will hold a number of initiatives throughout the city focusing on robbery prevention, gun safety and child safety. As part of these efforts, officers from all of the patrol divisions will reach out to local businesses, schools and communities.

Working together, Houston police officers and the public can help keep Houston safe. For more crime prevention and safety information, visit
, or contact the HPD Public Affairs Office at or 713.308.3200.

HPD Seeks Participants for Houston Citizens Police Academy
Application Deadline is March 4, 2013

The Houston Police Department (HPD) encourages citizens to enroll in the Houston Citizens Police Academy to provide citizens with sound and accurate information about HPD and the criminal justice process to prepare them to make informed decisions when issues or matters involve the police department or police activity. The 10-week program is free to the public and begins Thursday, March 7, 2013, with an orientation and ends May 9, 2013, with graduation. The classes meet once a week on Thursdays from 6 - 9 p.m., and most classes take place at the HPD Academy, 17000 Aldine Westfield Road, Houston 77070. Applicants must be 17 years of age by the application deadline, Monday, March 4, 2013.

For more information about the Citizens Police Academy, visit or call 713.308.3200. To learn more about HPD, visit


Just 3-1-1 it!

What is 3-1-1? 

3-1-1 is the City of Houston's non-emergency department directory and self-service city request line. Through 3-1-1, citizens of Houston are able to access information, request city services and report problems at anytime of the day or night. It's the easiest way to put your city to work for you! 

For emergencies, always call 9-1-1. 

3 Ways to 3-1-1 

The City of Houston Help and Information telephone hotline has been in service for many  years. To  make it even more convenient, 3-1-1 is now available online and through a new app. 


Access our website from any computer, and click on the service category for the service you are requesting or reporting. You'll be assigned a reference number, so you can conveniently track the status of your request online. 

Get Your Free Smartphone App

The Houston 3-1-1 app uses GPS to identify your location and also allows you to snap a photo to add to your service request. You can track your reports and even earn fun civic points. 

Dial 3-1-1

Our website and app are the fastest ways to access 3-1-1, but we still welcome citizens to dial 3-1-1 or 713-837-0311 if they prefer to contact the city by telephone. Representatives are standing by 24/7. 

If you encounter any issues with 3-1-1, or simply need a status update, please feel free to contact our office. Contact us at 832-393-3010 or

Fireworks Are Banned in the City of Houston
and parts of the County!

The use of fireworks are not only illegal in the City and parts of the County but they are also are very dangerous.

PLEASE NOTE:  Candlelight Forest West subdivision is located within the city limits of Houston.

It is illegal to discharge fireworks the City of Houston. A Texas House Bill allows for the transportation of fireworks, however there are restrictions including where the fireworks are located inside the vehicle and if they are opened or unopened. See HB1813 for more information.

The City will continue to enforce, in compliance with state law, fire and safety regulations within the city.  Harris County residents should also be aware that HFD will be enforcing the fireworks ban in the Limited Purpose Annexation Areas.

The fines are anywhere from $500 - $2000 for each individual firework.

Warnings are no longer used because of the seriousness of the firework laws. If a minor is caught with fireworks, the parent or guardian will receive the fine even if they were unaware of the minor's possession and/or usage.

Even though it is legal to buy, possess, and use consumer fireworks (1.4G) in the unincorporated areas of Harris County, there are some places you cannot use fireworks even in the unincorporated county.  Such as near churches, hospitals an asylum, a licensed child care center, or a public or private primary or secondary school or institution of higher education unless the person receives authorization in writing from that organization.

Although Fireworks and celebrations go together, especially during the holiday season, they can be dangerous when used improperly; causing serious burn and eye injuries.

Citizens should report all complaints regarding the illegal use of fireworks directly to the HPD Tel-communicator (non-emergency line) at 713-884-3131.  If the citizen believes that there may be a fire and/or medical emergency related to the use of fireworks,
he/she should dial 9-1-1 and request the HFD.

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