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Association Committees:

Would you be willing to serve as a member of one of our association committees?
Please us the "
Contact Us" link and let us know which committee would best suit you. Thank you for volunteering.

Volunteers Needed…   

Spring is right around the corner and our homeowner’s association is looking for volunteers to assist in the planning for installing plants and flowers on our front esplanade and all eight (8) cul-de-sacs in our neighborhood.

We are asking for someone from each of our four neighborhood sections to volunteer to serve on a “beautification committee” to oversee the planning and execution of our spring planting season.

We are looking for an upgrade to all of our planning areas as much of the existing vegetation was put in place many years ago.  Our esplanade is especially important since it is, as one homeowner has said, our “calling card” for our neighborhood.  The esplanade will be first on the list for planting.  

A representative from Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be appointed to the Beautification Committee. 

If you would like to serve our homeowners association as a member of the committee, please contact us using the "Contact Us" page.

When the Beautification Committee has developed the plan for planting, we will need volunteers to assist in the labor required to install new flowers, plants, and other vegetation.  If you can help with this effort let us know that you will be available to help when the planting times are set.

Common Area Design:
This committee will be responsible for developing a design for plants and trees in our common area. 

Recreation Committee:

This committee will advise the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to a recreational program and activities of the Association and to perform such functions as the Board, in its discretion, determines  This committee will have the responsibility of planning the Annual Neighborhood Night Out program to be held at the Common Area in October of each year.

Publicity Committee:
The committee will inform the members of all activities and functions of the Association, and, after consulting with the Board of Directors, to make such public releases and announcements as are in the best interest of the Association.  This committee will also have the responsiblity of producing a Quarterly Newsletter for distribution to the homeowners.


Beautification Committee:
This committee is responsible for the planting and upkeep of the front esplanade, and the individual cul-de-sac plantings. NOTE:  Some of our cul-de-sacs need some tender loving care and pruning.


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