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Please be on the look out for people who do not appear to live in our neighborhood and call Houston Police and ask them to come out and file a report.  Non-Life Threatening phone number is:  713-884-3131,
or you may call our Security Patrol at:
713-557-8040 while they are on duty with us.

Call  911 for an immediate EMERGENCY 

Neighborhood (Police Beat) Crime Statistics

The information contained in these reports, formerly referred to as the "Crime Bulletin" or the "PIP (Positive Interaction Program) Statistics", is a monthly breakdown of Part I crimes for which HPD wrote police reports. The data is broken down by police districts and beats and shows reports of the following types of crimes:

Aggravated assault
Burglary to a motor vehicle
Auto theft
Narcotic drug law violations
Driving while intoxicated

Crime Statistics: click here

police beat - geographic area of the city broken down for patrol and statistical purposes crime bulletin - monthly breakdown of neighborhood crime stats published by HPD's Positive Interaction Program and distributed at community PIP meetings premise codes - identify type of location where crime occurred (apartment complex, parking lot, etc) click here for complete list.

Candlelight Forest West is located in Police Beat - 6B30. The boundaries are listed below. Click on the links get a detailed text description of the boundaries of this beat, a detailed map of this beat, and the crime stats for this beat.

Approximate street boundaries:
North: Gulf Bank
East: White Oak Bayou near T.C. Jester
South: W. Tidwell
West: Langfield to Hollister
Landmarks/Neighborhoods: Woodland Trails, Oaks of Inwood, Bayou Bend, Cole Creek Manor, Inwood Forest, Candlelight Forest West.
Click here for a list of police storefronts.
Click here for a detailed map of this beat.
Crime stats:
click here.


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