Candlelight Forest West Maintenance Fund, Inc.

1. QUESTION:  I  would like to make changes to my home...what do I need to do?

ANSWER: There is a formal process by which to obtain the necessary approval for any exterior improvements to your home or lot. Improvements include, but are not limited to, sheds, decks, and pools. If you plan to make improvements immediately, download a copy of the Architectural Control Committee Approval Application ( click here and go to the page for a  copy of the ACC Request Application Form can be completed online and then printed. ) here for call our Management Company's office to have a copy of this application mailed to you. The application includes a list of policy positions on common situations that might be of interest.

Note that you do have to seek approval to maintain or replace any existing approved exterior condition. For example, you need approval to repaint the same color and especially if you plan to paint a different color.

Proposed improvements plans can be mailed to:

Candlelight Forest West Maintenance Fund, Inc.

6602 Antoine,  PMB #341

Houston, Texas 77091

Please call 713-849-2389 if you have any questions.

2. QUESTION: How can I get copies of the  Deed Restrictions, Architectural Control Guidelines, ACC Application?

ANSWER: You may view or download the Deed Restrictions, or Architectural Control Committee Guidelines .

Or you may order a copy of the Candlelight Forest West Covenants, Conditions, Deed Restrictions, or Architectural Control Committee Guidelines by sending a check or money order for $5.00 payable to Candlelight Forest West Maintenance Fund, Inc.

Candlelight Forest West Maintenance Fund, Inc.

6602 Antoine,  PMB #341

Houston, Texas 77091

Please call 713-849-2389 if you have any questions.

3. QUESTION: How do I report a violation of the Deed Restrictions?

ANSWER: All violation complaints must be made in writing and must include your name and address. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. You must include a description of the violation, the exact address of the violation, and the time(s) and date(s) seen.

Reports of violations of the Candlelight Forest West Deed Restrictions may be made in writing to:

Candlelight Forest West Maintenance Fund, Inc.

6602 Antoine,  PMB #341

Houston, Texas 77091

Please call 713-849-2389 if you have any questions.

4. QUESTION: How does the CFWEST spend assessment money?

ANSWER: You may be interested to know that our annual CFWEST dues are among the lowest in Harris County for HOAs with similar, or no amenities. CFWEST uses the money to meet its day-to-day financial obligations, including operation, maintenance, and management and accounting costs; insurance expenses; non-collections-related legal fees; newsletter printing and postage; annual meeting expenses; rules enforcement expenses, and Security Patrol expenses. The existence of these activities and amenities supports the property value of every homeowner.

The amount of money collected does not cover the actual amount of labor needed to run the Association. CFWEST relies heavily on the contribution of countless unpaid hours by Board members and other volunteers. If we had to rely exclusively on paid employees and contractors, the dues would need to be several times higher than they are now.

5. QUESTION: How do I report a non-working street light?

ANSWER : If street lights currently exist but are not working properly or are damaged, please report the problem to Center Point Energy at 713-207-2222, Option #5. Provide them with the 6-digit pole number located on the street side of the pole about 6 feet high. If a pole number is not available, please provide them with an address location. If a tree is blocking the light please call the City of Houston’s Customer Service Center at 311 to report a tree trim is needed.

6. QUESTION: We are selling our home. What do we need to know?

ANSWER: We want to help as much as possible to make your home sale a success. We have prepared these notes to help make things easier for you.

Homeowner Responsibilities:

Dues: You may request that the title company pro-rate your dues to the date of closing. If you do this, you should receive a credit for the remaining fraction of the year and your buyer should be charged that amount. If you don't specifically request this, most title companies will not pro-rate HOA dues. Note that this is just a pro-ration between seller and buyer.

Also, a Transfer Fee of $75.00 is due to the Candlelight Forest West Maintainence Funds, Inc. at closing. Customarily the buyer pays this fee. Normally the title company takes care of this. If you have arranged to pay all your buyer’s closing fees, you might want to tell your title company to include the HOA Transfer Fee in your column.  NOTE:  If you are refinancing your mortgage, there is a $75.00 Refinance Fee that is due to our association and is collected at the time of closing.

CFWEST Responsibilities:

The Property Code requires an HOA to furnish upon request,  a disclosure statement about your property called a Resale Certificate. This document is normally requested by the title company prior to closing but can be ordered at any time up to 90 days prior to your closing. The cost for the Resale Certificate is $100.00, normally paid by the seller at closing.

The Resale Certificate includes all the legally required HOA disclosures as well as a copy of the deed restrictions for the buyer. It protects you from later claims by the buyer that you did not disclose any of a range of HOA-related issues. The Resale Certificate also notes any outstanding unapproved structures or modifications as well as any outstanding account balance due the CFWMFI.  We will also provide copies of our association documents for the buyer if the title company requests the documents for closing.

If you have any further questions, please call:

Candlelight Forest West Maintenance Fund, Inc.,

Dr. Jon Enloe, President/Managing Agent, at 713-849-2389

7. QUESTION: Picking up Certified Mail is a hassle. Why does CFWEST send its citations via Certified Mail instead of First Class Mail?

ANSWER: The Texas Property Code mandates the use of certified mail in many situations, including our second-warning and fine letters. Sending certified letters is a time-consuming and costly undertaking and not CFWEST's first choice. In many cases, we send a first-warning letter via first-class mail. The first-warning letter clearly states that further citations of the same type within the next six months will be via certified mail. The homeowner is advised to avoid incurring further citations and thus can avoid the hassle of certified letters. Historically, the CFWEST always sent warning letters via ordinary mail and only fine letters via certified mail. As of September 1, 2001, §209.006 of the Texas Property Code mandates use of certified mail for both our second-warning and fine letters.

8. QUESTION: I'm not happy with the traffic on my street ( too slow, too fast, not enough signs, too many signs, etc. ) Who handles these issues?

ANSWER: The streets in Candlelight Forest West are by owned and maintain the City of Houston. The City of Houston has exclusive responsibility and authority to add, maintain, and remove traffic control signage on city streets. The city does not inform CFWEST of their actions nor the rationale for their actions. You may wish to direct your inquiry to :

The Traffic and Transportation Division is responsible for the overall management of the Division’s operations. The Division is headquartered at 611 Walker, with facilities located at 2200 Patterson, 2707 Dalton, and 6922 Old Katy Road.

You may call 3-1-1 for further information.

9. QUESTION: The sign at the entrance to our subdivision states "No Solicitation" yet we are still having people come to our homes. Why does this sign not stop that from happening? What can each homeowner do to prevent the constant interruptions?

ANSWER: I think we all have had the door bell ring and get up to answer the door to find that it’s only a solicitor whom wants to persuade us to purchase something. Home solicitation can definitely become an annoyance. Over the last few months we’ve noticed an increase in home solicitors in our subdivision and we thought we’d take a moment to educate you all on the topic.The City of Houston does have a city code, Chapter 22 Itinerant Vendors, Sections 1 & 2 that MAY apply. NOTE:This is an opinion and does not constitute any application may be made. For further information, please contact the City of Houston for a clarification of this code to see if it would apply to home solicitation.Here is the City of Houston Code, Chapter 22 Itinerant Vendors, Sections 1 & 2.  It is our opinion that an individual homeowner would have to post a sign at their door stating "No Solicitation" on their property to prevent home solicitations.

10. QUESTION: How many Garage Sales/Yard Sales can a homeowner have each year? Does the City of Houston regulate the number of Garage Sales and Yard Sales a homeowner may have?

ANSWER: GARAGE SALES / YARD SALES... are not regulated by the City of Houston. They are regulated by the Office of the State Comptroller. Residents are allowed to have only two such sales within a twelve month period. Any more than two and the resident is recognized as having a business and must obtain a sales tax permit from the state. Since many subdivisions prohibit solicitation and commercial businesses within the residential areas of a neighborhood, such activity is restricted. For residents who try to operate a business in their homes, there are other city requirements that must be met. Specifically, at a minimum, the resident must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. To summarize, there is no permit known as a "garage sale permit".

11. QUESTION: My neighbors play loud music and it is very annoying. Is there a City of Houston ordinance concerning "loud music" in our neighborhood?

ANSWER: Yes, there is a City of Houston ordinance about "loud music". Check this link to the City of Houston's web site. You will need to scroll down to find the ordinance.

·         Sound Amplifying Equipment

·         Requirements: A permit must be obtained by users of any loudspeaker, sound amplifier or any other machine or device which produces, reproduces, or amplifies sound outside of a building or other enclosed structure.  A copy of the completed application must be filed with the Police Department.  Events in City parks require prior reservation from the Parks & Recreation Department.

·         Go to Noise Ordinance Webpage

12. QUESTION: When I call 3-1-1, I have a difficult time getting through to talk with someone. Is 3-1-1 available online?

ANSWER: Yes, here is the link to City of Houston 3-1-1.

13. QUESTION: Living in Houston, we all seem to fight the problem of black mold and green algae that grows on the exterior of our homes.  Is there a product that some of the homeowners have used to get rid of the problem?

ANSWER: Some of our homeowners have used a product that is available at Home Depot called "WET & FORGET".  Here is a description of the product:


Wet & Forget  Moss, Mold, Mildew & Algae Stain Remover is the easy, one step solution to removing outdoor moss, mold, mildew and algae. No scrubbing, rinsing or power washing required. This EPA registered product is non-caustic, non-acidic and contains no bleach. Wet & Forget is safe to use on all outdoor surfaces. Simply dilute and apply with a pump up garden sprayer, then sit back and let Mother Nature do the rest. Wet & Forget works gently over time. Safe around plants and landscaping when used as directed.

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