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HOA Organization

The success of any HOA depends on people interested in improving the community and with the skills and dedication to make things happen. There are several standing committees that support the Candlelight Forest West community. Each committee works within a budget approved by the HOA board and handles day to day responsibilities in their area. They are also responsible for drafting rules applying to their area that are approved by the board of directors.

Each committee has a number of dedicated individuals and a responsible chairman who makes things work. Many of the committees have a HOA board member who acts as a liaison between the board and the committee.

HOA Board of Directors


Management of the Home Owners Association is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Board members are elected by homeowners to three year terms. Please see the Bylaws and Covenants for more information.

►Architectural Control Committee

This committee handles architecture and landscape modifications and controls outlined in the architectural guidelines. We have a managing agent who notifies homeowners of deficiencies and acts as a buffer between committee members and/or the board of directors and the homeowners of non-conforming properties. The Deed Restrictions Inspector will drive through the neighborhood on a regular schedule to record and document changes or violations and report back to the Architectural Control Committee and/or Board of Directors.

Association Documents

Documents can be viewed online or downloaded for printing from our web site.

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